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We design Solutions - Solutions for automation control problems. We are constantly developing custom solutions for our clients, ranging from food packaging to plastic rotational molding. Below are a few examples of the products we have developed for a specific application. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

This is a welding Monitor. Manufactured for Flexicoil, the monitor displays Wire Speed and the Welding Voltage, allowing for precise control of the welding equipment and thus consistency in the quality of the welds.

The board to the left is a 160 Channel Temperature Multiplexer. It was designed to interface up to temperature sensors with Programmable Logic Controllers for use in grain dryer systems. This unit allows the user to use 1 analog input and 8 discrete outputs on a PLC to greatly reduce I/O cost.

This is our standard Relay Board. We use this board in some Custom Micro Controller projects that require isolated relay outputs. The board has eight 1 amp relays and indicator LED's to display the state of each relay.

This is TADD Timer PCB designed for Venable Machine.
This Board has Auto Voltage Selection between 120 and 240 VAC for International ease of hookup. In addition it switches between motor windings (voltage dependant) and controls functions of the motor on a timed basis.

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